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Understanding and Defending Domestic Violence Charges

The reports on the level of domestic violence during the holiday season are mixed, although high expectations, money pressures, and the increase in alcohol consumption tends to raise stress levels, which may precipitate incidents leading to domestic violence charges. In this video, San Diego criminal defense attorney David P. Shapiro explains the nature of domestic violence under California law. He also discusses issues that arise during the course of a domestic violence case, among them pleading guilty as opposed to. going to trial, potential penalties (including mandatory attendance at domestic violence classes), and related matters.

New California Laws Reduce Sentences

Approximately a dozen new bills were signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown late this year, and they include several measures reducing sentences and addressing issues such as prison overcrowding and mandatory minimum sentencing for certain crimes. The new laws include reducing minimum sentences for drug crimes, lighter sentences for juveniles, and granting the possibility of parole for elderly prisoners who have served lengthy prison sentences.

David Shapiro
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