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Child Abuse and Neglect Charges in San Diego

Accusations of child abuse and neglect are taken very seriously in San Diego under Penal Code 273d.  Those convicted of child abuse and neglect charges face severe penalties.  Child abuse and neglect charges may result from accusations of physical abuse, psychological abuse, DUI offenses and much more.  In cases of crimes against children, merely an accusation is enough to cause permanent damage to your personal life, reputation, and career.  If you are facing child abuse and/or child neglect charges, your future may very well depend on the legal team you have on your side.  Don’t hesitate a single moment longer.  Call the Law Office of David P. Shapiro to learn how you can regain control of your future and protect what is most important to you!

Child Abuse Charges

Each year, authorities receive over 3.5 million reports of child abuse.  In many instances, suspected cases of abuse are substantiated and supported by evidence.  Often though, reports of child abuse are completely unsubstantiated, based on opinion or filed in malice.  For some, reporting abuse is a professional duty.  Government and healthcare workers are required to report any suspicions of child abuse to the police or face reprisal.  Child abuse allegations are not limited to parental figures.  Any person placed in a role of responsibility for a child is capable of committing (or being accused of) abuse, according to PC273d.  This includes:

  • Parents
  • Coaches
  • Relatives
  • Teachers
  • Babysitters
  • Houseguests
  • Daycare operators
  • Any person potentially in contact with children

Children rely on the legal system for protection.  Guided by a desire to serve, prosecutors can often trample the rights of the accused.  You may be completely innocent, yet are facing serious child abuse charges.  Make no mistake: the courts, prosecutors, and juries take these cases seriously.  You must do the same in order to protect, and regain control, of your future.  Call now for a confidential case evaluation and learn more about your options moving forward!

What is Child Abuse?

Child abuse charges encompass a range of potentially abusive actions.  You may be charged with child abuse for suspected action or inaction contributing to physical, emotional, mental, or sexual harm.  These criminal charges are intentionally ambiguous and may be prosecuted as misdemeanor or felony cases. According to California PC273d, child abuse charges can include:

Physical Abuse

Those accused of physical abuse are suspected to have physically assaulted a child.  Physical abuse can include burning, bruising, cutting, and other forms of physical assault. Physical child abuse may not always result in visible injury.

Mental & Emotional Abuse

Mental and emotional child abuse includes behavior meant to cause emotional harm.  In child abuse cases, mental and emotional abuse may include persistent verbal assaults, public humiliation, and other attacks.

Sexual Abuse

Any suspected sexual activity taking place between an adult and child may be considered sexual abuse.  Accusations of sexual child abuse are extremely serious in the State of California and those found guilty face severe penalties.

DUI Cases and Abuse

DUI cases involving children increase the severity of criminal penalties.  Those found guilty of DUI with a child or children in the vehicle are subject to a number of additional charges, including child abuse.

Child Neglect Charges

Any parent or caregiver suspected of knowingly depriving a child of basic needs may be charged with child neglect.  In California, child neglect charges include actions in which a parent or caregiver failed to act responsibly in their role leading to physical or emotional distress in a child.  Children may exhibit obvious signs of neglect, or in other cases may appear outwardly healthy.  Cases of suspected child neglect may include allegations of:

Physical Child Neglect

Parents and caregivers have a duty to provide nutritional food, warm clothing, and clean shelter.

Medical Child Neglect

A perceived unwillingness to seek appropriate medical care for children may be charged as medical neglect.

Educational Child Neglect

Parents and caregivers are required to place children in appropriate educational programs.

Emotional Child Neglect

Suspected failure to provide a caring, nurturing home environment may lead to charges of neglect.

Supervisory Child Neglect

Inadequate supervision can place children at risk of physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse.

Child Abandonment

Leaving children unattended for any period may be considered a form of child neglect.

Defending Against Child Abuse and Neglect Charges in San Diego

If you have been accused of child abuse or child neglect in San Diego, you are facing serious criminal charges. Whether pursued as misdemeanor or felony charges, child abuse and child neglect cases carry significant criminal and social penalties. In addition to prison or jail time and fines, parents and guardians may face a loss of custody and forfeiture of parental rights. The California courts, police, and caseworkers are not on your side. If you stand accused, the stakes are very high. Take control of your case today! The Law Office of David P. Shapiro has over a decade of experience successfully defending people across San Diego from allegations of child abuse and neglect. Call today to find out how you can regain control of your future.


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