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How Experienced is Your Lawyer?

What would judges, prosecutors, and court staff say about your lawyer?

Many criminal defense attorneys boast of their “years of experience.” However, of even greater significance is the familiarity with the type of charges, and the knowledge and practical experience the lawyer has within the courts in which the case will be prosecuted. How many times has this self-proclaimed “experienced” attorney gone to trial, litigated a suppression motion, handle a felony preliminary hearing, et al.?

David’s Reviews
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Another important question which must be accounted for when hiring a defense attorney is, “What is their reputation amongst their colleagues, clients, and the court staff?” David P. Shapiro has both the years and volume of experience which makes him one of San Diego’s best and brightest criminal defense attorneys. Far more valuable than any store bought award, David has earned, and maintains, an excellent reputation among judges, prosecutors, and court staff. More often than not, his clients reap the benefits of that reputation.

Trial Experience Matters

Unfortunately, many people get caught up on how many years an attorney has been in practice, without much regard for how many times these so-called “criminal trial attorneys” have actually gone to trial for their clients, or effectively argued a defense motion, or even conducted a Felony Preliminary Hearing. These are essential questions to ask when interviewing a defense attorney. Some criminal attorneys will talk a big game about going to trial in order to gain your money and misplaced trust, but then urge you to plead to a mediocre settlement when it comes time to “put twelve in the box.” Unfortunately, this might be done out of fear, inexperience, or outright laziness.

Expect Attention from Your Attorney

 You will find the Law Office of David P. Shapiro to be competitively priced among San Diego attorneys, but in an elite class when it comes to the quality of service and effectiveness of representation its clients receive. You will be hard pressed to find many lawyers who have handled the number and variety of cases David has handled. The benefit of working at a large, high-volume, criminal defense firm the majority of his career was learning how to successfully manage 65-85 active cases at a time throughout San Diego County. Now that David has opened his own practice (in April, 2010), and only handles around 40 cases at a time, you can expect personalized service.


At The Law Office of David P. Shapiro you'll get an experienced legal team that will be with you every step of the way.

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