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Beware of Your Own Social Media

Don’t snitch on yourself. I repeat: do not snitch on yourself. When you sit down for a case evaluation with a skilled criminal defense attorney, be prepared to get to know each other really quick. Part of the conversation will likely include a handful of questions...

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What to Wear to Court

Let’s be honest, half of us aren’t even sure what to wear to the restaurant down the street that we’ve been to a dozen times. That anxiety skyrockets when clients new to the criminal process must go to court for the first time. If you have the option, you simply want...

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What Is a Criminal Threat in California?

At some point in our lives, we have all probably threatened someone else to varying degrees—even if it is just threatening to ground your kids. California Penal Code § 422, however, makes certain types of threats a crime. Not all threats are created equal. In order to...

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