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What Our Clients Say About Their Experiences With Us

David P. Shapiro Reviews

These are just a few of the reviews posted by satisfied clients who have been helped by David P. Shapiro.

“Mr. Shapiro is a highly skilled criminal defense attorney who will defend your case with care and consideration. My family has used his services several times with the best possible outcome. You can expect thorough, easy to understand explanations of court proceedings and your best options. He is confident and comfortable in the courtroom and you can rest easy knowing he is on your case. I would recommend Mr. Shapiro for your legal defense.”

—Hayden J.  –  Avvo Review

“David P. Shapiro expertly handled our case with a level of professionalism that is hard to find. We needed an attorney that understood people, the law, and would help us get through the legal system in San Diego County. Most importantly, I wanted an attorney that would actually do the hard work of representing us in a very difficult situation. Backed up by a top-notch office and investigative staff, Mr. Shapiro delivered. David turned out to be the absolute right choice, a decision we did not regret. Highly recommended.”

—Earl  –  Avvo Review

“I came to David Shapiro to end my probation early and expunge my case. I had a very positive and very informative experience with him. David and his assistant Maria were excellent and always kept in the loop of what was going on.”

—Antonio G. –  Avvo Review

I have used David 2 times in the past and he has by far exceeded my expectations. He has great knowledge and knows the system. He is straight forward and honest and somebody you can trust without doubt. I would recommend him to friends, family, and anybody that needs help. Best attorney I’ve ever come across.

—Jason  –  Google Review

Stefano L. Molea Reviews

These are just a few of the reviews posted by satisfied clients who have been helped by Stefano L. Molea.

“I called many lawyers after I got my DUI. Stefano was the only lawyer who put my mind at ease and gave me a sense of relief. He constantly communicated with me about my case and laid out all my options. He was willing and able to do whatever he could to help me. He went above and beyond what was expected.”

—Stephanie.  –  Avvo Review

“First off I don’t know where to begin. Mr. Molea helped me with my case and gave me the knowledge that I needed. He is a very patient and informative lawyer. But underneath he will for you as he did me. The outcome of my case was NOT what I was expecting. He helped give me a second chance at life and helped me from not ruining my future. I did all the instructions he said and he went to bat for me. I was very pleased with my outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Molea if you need criminal defense counsel. Thanks again Mr. Molea.”

—Andrew  –  Avvo Review

“Stefano Molea was extremely professional and consistently timely with responses to my questions. Most of all, Stefano was reliable. Stefano was diligent with discovery and always prepared and tenacious when relevant to the situation. Stefano is an attorney that you can count on for the best outcome. Thank you Stefano for all you did in my case. You’re so awesome!!!!”

—Nancy –  Avvo Review

“I was glad to have Stefano on my side to handle my criminal domestic violence case. He was quick to respond, had a clear plan of defense, and was competent in getting my case handled. My case ended up not being filed by the DA because I had Stefano working on my side. He is experienced in the laws surrounding domestic violence and criminal defense.”

—Kim  –  Avvo Review

“Stefano defended me in my Criminal Defense case. I was looking at 3 years+ State time. We walked away with probation. He kept us very informed, was willing to take the case to trial. He did a great job laying the facts out to the DA. We are very happy with his loyalty to us and this case. He knew the law very well and how to defend my case.”

Avvo Review

“He is reliable and trustworthy, and very competent. …Mr. Molea was able to get my case completely dismissed, which is great (since I still have a clean record). I definitely trust him and would recommend his services to anyone who is facing a criminal matter.”

—Aman  –  Avvo Review

Ally F. Keegan Reviews

These are just a few of the reviews posted by satisfied clients who have been helped by Ally F. Keegan.

“Great work from this firm, Mrs. Keegan helped me with domestic violence sealed and destroyed from my record and expungement for a misdemeanor. Very helpful, responsive and informs you of your case as it develops as opposed to other attorneys whom are hard to get a hold of. Took a little time but its understandable due to the pandemic going on. But she keeps you on top when it comes to updates. Fair price and a small price to pay to have a peace of mind knowing your record is clean. Highly recommend to anyone who has any trouble fixing your record or has questions. Again, fast, helpful, informative, and at a fair price.”

—Benny E.  –  Google Review

“Helping good people get their lives back is not just a catch phrase. They mean what they say and are serious about taking care of the client. Ally Keegan and the team at Law Office of David Shapiro are AMAZING! My charges for a 25 plus year old case were dismissed, it was not easy but I truly believe that if I had went with any other Law Firm that the outcome would have been very different. Thank you Ally for helping me get my life back!”

—Erin T.  –  Google Review

Ally was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her calm and reassuring demeanor was matched with her excellent knowledge, dedication, thoroughness. We unfortunately found ourselves in need of a criminal lawyer and we can without a doubt say that having Ally and her firm represent us from the beginning was the best choice we could have made.

—Ryan –  Avvo Review

I hired ally in San Diego . I was charged with a Violent felony rather not say but I ended up getting probation . At first I was nervous hiring her because every lawyer including her told me I was going to jail or possibly short term prison . But she made magic happen . Thanks Ms. Keegan.

—Christina  –  Avvo Review