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When you are accused of a crime and your future, freedom, and reputation are at stake, don’t you want the best defense available?  The best criminal defense teams have an experienced investigator in their corner.
A good investigator “hits the ground running” to gather information on behalf of the client and conduct the defense’s own investigation. 

This includes locating and interviewing witnesses and victims, doing background checks, taking photos and making measurements, testifying in court, coordinating witnesses for trial, analyzing evidence and working with the defense attorney to develop an effective defense strategy. Wouldn’t you like to know, for example, if the complaining witness has a criminal record or has lied in the past?

Aron Hershkowitz, the founder of Hersh Investigations, has over 15 years of experience working for San Diego criminal defense attorneys. He is a Certified California Criminal Defense Investigator, has a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and is a former Firefighter and EMT. Hersh Investigations is excited to be heading under the same roof as the Law Office of David P. Shapiro, beginning February 1.  Aron can be reached at (619) 243.4850 or via email at .