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The relationship between alcohol and drug abuse, on the one hand, and crime, on the other, is nothing short of astounding. According to these statistics from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, you could safely conclude that substance abuse is a factor in well over 50% of arrests and incarceration in the United States.
As criminal defense attorneys, we are often called upon to help guide some of our clients to treatment for addiction. And the issues we face include how to locate a reputable organization – one with an effective program to help those in trouble with drugs and/or alcohol. At the Law Office of David P. Shapiro, when we are asked to help someone charged with a crime, and that person has a substance abuse problem, we turn to the professionals for guidance on finding a solution – professionals like Nick Ranton, Treatment Care Advocate and the SoCal representative at Recovery Ways, a leading addiction and mental health treatment center. Nick’s suggestion, for those seeking a solution, is to take a hard look at the many possible choices, but to be very careful when you do. Nick tells us:
“In a day and age when everyone has a beautifully curated website, and Google places ads and listings based on how much is paid, not relevance to your search — it’s vital to form personal and professional relationships. Do not, I repeat DO NOT rely on internet searches for anything of consequence. Find a source within the field of interest whom you can trust, and who will gladly take your call.”
Nick, who can be reached at, has simple but effective advice for those who are asked to make a referral to a treatment center or program:
“I urge you to connect with one quality treatment contact in your area. If you haven’t had to make a referral, the time may come. Make sure you have a single point of contact . . . It’s my job to make myself available as that resource to you, so that those needing treatment can get quality care.”
If you are facing a criminal charge and believe you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, talk to the attorneys at our firm not only about your defense, but also about getting the help you need to end the cycle of addiction.