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No one wants an unexpected call from a loved one saying they are in jail and need to be bailed out of custody.  For many, this could be their first time trying to navigate the bail process.  So, if you ever do get that dreaded call, what are your options?

Bail is an amount of money set that must be paid for an individual to be released from custody pending resolution of their case.  The bail amount can be set by the jail or a judge. The total amount can be affected by the severity of the charges, the individual’s criminal history, and/or their ties to the community.  The purpose of bail is twofold: it is intended to protect the public and to ensure you return to court for all of your hearing dates as ordered by the judge.

Now, there are a couple different ways to satisfy your bail requirement.  If you own property, you could potentially put a lien on the equity in your home to help cover the expense. Alternatively, you could pay the entire amount required in cash. Then, once you have appeared at all of your court dates and your case has concluded, you get that collateral you put up back.

However, not many people have piles of cash laying around to pay their bail amount in full.

That is why the most common way people meet their bail requirement is through a bail bond. To get a bail bond, you pay a bail bondsman a non-refundable 7-10% of the full bail amount as their payment, and they post the rest on your behalf.

That said, with the help of a skilled and experienced criminal defense firm, you could also develop a plan to ask the court to lower your loved one’s bail first or release them altogether without having to post bail.  This option still potentially gets them out of jail, but saves you time, energy, and perhaps a considerable amount of money in the process.

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