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If you have ever been completely shocked to learn you have an active warrant for your arrest, you are not alone.  Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to find out you have a warrant days, weeks, or even years after the fact.

Maybe it is for a brand-new case and you weren’t aware you were under investigation, maybe you were previously ordered to complete classes by the court and you failed to do them on time, or maybe you missed a court date and forgot to show up.  It happens.

When you have an active warrant, you could be in danger of being arrested and brought into custody if you get pulled over, when you go to the airport, or if you stumble upon the police. You could even be at risk of getting picked up during a “warrant sweep,” when law enforcement goes out to the homes of people with warrants to arrest them.

Your best friend in this situation will be a skilled, locally experienced criminal defense attorney that can walk you through what to do next. First and foremost, your criminal defense firm may be able to arrange to have your warrant recalled so you no longer have it hanging over your head.  From there, your attorney(s) can address whatever caused the warrant in the first place—they can help you defend against the criminal charges, schedule you a new court date, or get you back into your probation classes, etc.

Many people in this position will mean well and try to go to court immediately to address the issue themselves.  While this sometimes works, it also runs risks of its own.  Especially if you have a felony warrant, there is a possibility that you could be arrested on the spot when you show up to court to resolve the issue.

That is why your best bet is always to consult with a high-quality criminal defense firm before anything else goes wrong, so together you can map out a plan to handle the warrant that is specially tailored to your individual case and your individual circumstances.

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