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Finding the Right Attorney When You Are Charged with a Crime

In this online video, San Diego criminal defense lawyer David P. Shapiro discusses what to look for in an attorney when you or a loved one are facing criminal charges. Experience is obviously an issue, but David emphasizes the importance of also looking at the volume of the lawyer’s experience. This includes not only the length of time the attorney has been practicing law, but how many criminal cases has he or she defended, the number of felony cases, the number of preliminary hearings, and more. David suggests you also take note of how the attorney runs their own office – is it organized, with a professional staff, or is the attorney at his or her wit’s end running from one task to another? Finally, take a good, hard look at the lawyer, including peer and client reviews, as well as the image the attorney projects, and even how he or she dresses. Remember, the attorney you choose will be seen as a representative and a reflection of you!