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For the sixth time since 2016, our Firm is offering a scholarship to assist individuals seeking to further their education after completing high school. This represents the fourth scholarship during that period aimed at helping those coping with an autism spectrum disorder (“autism” or “ASD”).

Founder David P. Shapiro notes that the firm’s slogan – “We help good people regain control of their future when charged with a crime” – extends the Firm’s reach beyond criminal defense and includes charitable and related activities in which the Firm strives to make a positive impact on the San Diego community.

The Scholarship Description

Autism covers a number of disorders that often include various social challenges, including verbal and nonverbal communication issues that may affect a person’s educational experience and opportunities. This year’s $1,000 scholarship fund will be applied toward the cost of tuition for the chosen applicant. The educational institution chosen by the successful applicant may be a vocational or trade school, as well as a college (including junior college). The sum of $1,000 will be paid directly to the winner’s chosen educational institution.


United States citizens who intend on continuing their studies, and who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (DSM-5), are eligible to apply for the award. If you apply, we may ask you to furnish us with evidence of your autism diagnosis. Eligibility is not contingent upon being enrolled in school at the time you submit your application. However, the funds must be used within one year following the announcement of the winner of the scholarship.

Application Deadline and the Selection Process

You must fill out the application below in order to apply. That will include, among other items, a short description (up to 125 words) of how you intend to use the scholarship if you are chosen as the winner. You are also invited to include, at your discretion, an optional second statement (up to 1.000 words) on the subject of the ways in which ASD has impacted your education to date.

The application deadline is December 29, 2023. The winning applicant’s name will be chosen, and they will be notified via email, on or before January 20, 2023. The Law Office of David P. Shapiro will select the winning applicant at the Firm’s sole discretion.


Privacy Policy

Information provided by you in connection with your application, and the information in the application itself, becomes the property of the Law Office of David P. Shapiro. We neither sell your information nor furnish it to third parties generally, but we do reserve the right to utilize it to publicize our scholarship history or the other activities of our Firm.


Any inquiries about the application, the scholarship itself, or the Firm’s scholarship program, should be sent, by email, to:

Law Office of David P. Shapiro
3500 5th Ave Suite 304
San Diego, CA 92103



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