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Being charged with a sex crime will throw your life into chaos. The purpose of this book is not to excuse sexual assault and similar behavior. On the other hand, you may be entirely innocent, or the charge against you may be exaggerated. And as we know from the “Weinstein Effect,” merely being accused of certain behavior will lead many people to assume you are guilty. The attorneys at the Law Office of David P. Shapiro are experienced at helping those who are facing allegations such as sexual assault, sexual battery, indecent exposure, rape, domestic violence, stalking, child molestation, and more. In his book, Mr. Shapiro provides tips on (a) what to do if you are arrested, (b) information on the various types of sex crimes, and (c) insight on how to rebuild your life. This includes exercising your right to remain silent, retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible, and preparing for your first court date. The book is free and can be downloaded here.