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In addition to accepting credit cards, our firm is proud to offer convenient payment plans to our clients. Representing a wide array of clients, all with unique needs, we are mindful not to close our doors to those who might not be able to meet the fees associated with top-notch San Diego criminal defense representation all at once.

It is safe to say few, if any, plan ahead and save up for to hire a criminal lawyer. Those accused of a crime face the immediate need to get an attorney on their side, even though all the funds might not be perfectly lined up just yet. While there are certainly many benefits to paying our legal fees in full, we are aware that it may just be unrealistic and will work with you within reason to the best of our abilities to not let cost be a prohibitive factor in moving forward in hiring our firm.

Contact a representative from the Law Office of David P. Shapiro today to determine the cost and flexible fee structures we offer. We can be reached at any time, day or night, at 619-295-3555.

This Firm is proud to accept credit/debit card payments via LawPay.

Pay with credit card via LawPay


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Reasonable and Realistic Payment Plans
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