Legal Assistant Jaimie HernandezJaimie Hernandez was born and raised in San Diego, the daughter of Mexican immigrants. Her passion for the law and defending the rights of others was sparked when, at the age of seventeen, she was detained at the Otay Mesa Point of Entry with her family for several hours without explanation. Although she didn’t know why she and her family were being detained, Jaimie did know that they had rights that were being infringed upon.  Jaimie also has firsthand experience with the stress, fear, and confusion so many of our clients’ families feel immediately after their loved one’s arrests. Jaimie looks back at both experiences with great appreciation for the significance of having the right person defend you at a time when you are most vulnerable.

Jaimie graduated from the University of Redlands in 2013 with two bachelors’ degrees (Government and Psychology). When not playing an integral role at the firm as a full-time legal assistant, Jaimie is also in school most nights working on obtaining a degree in Paralegal Studies.  She aspires to attend law school and one day become a criminal defense attorney where she can continue helping good people regain control of their future when charged with a crime.