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NEXT EVENT: A (Virtual) Evening With Justin Brooks of the California Innocence Project

Thursday, September 17, 2020, at 7 pm PST.

Justin Brooks Event

The Cause of Wrongful Conviction

Professor Justin Brooks is the Director & Co-Founder of the California Innocence Project, a non-profit that provides pro bono legal services to individuals who maintain their factual innocence of crime for which they have been convicted. What better way to wrap up your Constitution Day (09/17) than learning about the many causes of wrongful conviction from a man who has played such an integral role in getting wrongful convictions overturned?!


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An evening with Andre Reed

Andre, a San Diego resident, will be discussing the invaluable lessons he learned throughout his illustrious football career and how so many of them translate into the business world.  Most notably, Andre will be discussing overcoming adversity (he played an integral role leading the Buffalo Bills to arguably the greatest comeback victory in NFL history in the 1992 Playoffs), appreciating a successful year despite not achieving “the ultimate goal,” and sticking together as a team through success and disappointments. You don’t want to miss this event!


Juan Melendez June 4 Event

Juan Roberto Melendez-Colon (born May 24, 1951) is a public speaker and human rights activist who was wrongly convicted of murder and spent over 17 years on death row. He was released from prison on January 3, 2002, making him the 99th death row inmate in the United States to be exonerated and released from prison since 1973.

Juan Melendez first became connected with our Firm’s Owner and Managing Partner in 2006. David P. Shapiro, then President of Tulane University Law School’s Criminal Law Society, invited Juan to speak and share his story of perseverance to the people of New Orleans. The two have kept in touch the past 14 years, connecting whenever Juan would be in Southern California at a speaking event. We are thrilled he accepted our invite to speak (on Zoom) to all of you!

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