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From April 26, 2004, to April 30, 2019: What a Difference 15 Years Makes!

Our Firm’s Founder and Managing Partner, David P. Shapiro, experienced first-hand the fears and uncertainties those who are thrust into the criminal justice system face when he was arrested on April 26, 2004. David was only 22 years old. He was concerned about the impact of the arrest on his future, whether he would have to return to jail if convicted of the crime for which he was arrested.

David has come a long way since being released from the Orleans Parish Prison. Fifteen years later, David embraces that experience and uses it as motivation each and every day by leading the Firm to continue to help good people regain control of their future when charged with crimes. Click here (or on the photo above) to watch David’s video discussing what a difference 15 years has made! 

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