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Perfect 10 avvo rating
5 Star review on Google+
A+ BBB rating
5 Star Yelp Reviews
American Bar Association
Top 10 under 40
The National Trial Lawyers
2017 Top 40 under 40
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National Bar membership
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Shapiros awards and accolades

Some of David’s most recent accolades include, but have not been limited to:

  • DUI (.10 BAC) = Not Guilty after Jury Trial
    South Bay Courthouse (but El Cajon case).  Reasonable doubt client was Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or had .08 or higher BAC at the time of driving.
  • Felony Hit & Run, and Felony Accessory Charges = Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing
    South Bay Courthouse.  Factual discrepancies regarding what Client knew regarding accident.
  • Felony DUI with Great Bodily Injury + Multiple Victim Enhancements = Reduced to Misdemeanor at Preliminary Hearing
    El Cajon Courthouse.  Court granted Esteybar motion after hearing character/mitigation evidence about Client.
  • Numerous DUI Charges Dismissed After Winning Motions to Suppress Evidentiary Hearings &/or on Day of Trial
    All Courthouses in San Diego County
  • Numerous Felony Counts of Insurance Fraud & Welfare Fraud = all charges dismissed at arraignment
    Downtown San Diego Courthouse.  Proved Client had no knowledge of Co-defendant husband’s actions.
  • Felony (5th) DUI = Probation & Work Furlough
    El Cajon Courthouse.  Significant mitigation documents and proaction by Client.
  • Felony Grand Theft with Multiple Prison Priors = Misdemeanor Probation
    El Cajon Courthouse & Downtown San Diego Courthouse.  Same Client.  Several years apart.
  • 10+ Counts of Large Scale Drug Sales = Probation & Work Furlough
    Downtown San Diego Courthouse.  Good Lawyering.
  • 5+ Separate Residential Burglaries (Strikes) = Probation and Credit for Time Served
  • Possession for Sale of Cocaine (with strike Prior) = Probation after Court struck strike
    South Bay Courthouse.  Extensive mitigation packet presented at sentencings on both cases (years apart).  Great lawyering.
  • Residential Burglary (Strike) Charge = dismissed at Preliminary Hearing
    El Cajon Courthouse.  Successfully argued the insufficiency of the evidence.
  • Strike Felony Charges of Dissuading a Witness from Testifying = Not Guilty verdicts after trial
    Downtown San Diego Courthouse.  Insufficient proof beyond a reasonable doubt as to the elements of the offense as required under law.